Deed Transfer Tax Bylaw (click here)

Tax Billings take place twice (2) annually:

Interim Billing – To be billed before May 1, 2016 and due by June 1, 2016

Final Billing – To be billed before September 1, 2016 and due by November 1, 2016

The interest rate is 15% annually and will be charged the first day of every month that the account is in arrears

IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR CURRENT TAX BILL OR HAVE RECENTLY BOUGHT A NEW HOME, PLEASE CONTACT THE TAX OFFICE AT 902-755-8354 OR BY EMAIL AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tax Certificates

The Municipality provides Tax Certificates on specific accounts at a fee of $40.00 per account. Please mail request and cheque to:

PO Box 7, New Glasgow, NS, B2H 5E1

Pursuant to Section 69 of the Municipal Government Act the New Glasgow Town Council passed a resolution that a property tax exemption in the amount of $340.00 for the taxation year 2018-2019 be granted to a person whose property is assessed as taxable property in the Town of New Glasgow and is occupied by that person as his/her principal residence and whose total income for the calendar year 2017 from all sources, including the income of a spouse or partner and other family members residing at the same property but excluding an allowance or pension paid pursuant to the War Veterans Allowance Act, is equal or less than $20,018.00.
Applications forms will be mailed to persons who received an exemption for the taxation year 2017-2018.  If you are entitled to an exemption and did not receive an application form, please call the Town Office at 902-755-7788 during regular business hours.  Please provide proof of total income when presenting form at the Town Hall to have your signature witnessed.
Deadline for applications is June 29, 2018.
Lisa M. MacDonald
Chief Administrative Officer