As of April 1 , 2008 responsibilty of property assessments and other property related services transferred from Assessment Services to the Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC)

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• Who is the PVSC?

• What is property assessment?

• What is market value?

• What is the CAP program?

• Can I appeal my assessment?.


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General Rates

These rates are set by Municipal Council and apply to all properties in those categories within the Municipality. These rates fund all programs and services of the Municipality not recovered through user fees, area rates, or special assessments. Property tax rates for Residential and Resource are currently $1.84/$100 of assessed value and Commercial and Business Occupancy are currently $4.45/$100 of assessed value.


Sewer Rates

For sanitary sewer systems owned by the Municipality, every owner of land that is serviced by a sewer line or is fronting on any street or highway that has had a sewer line installed is subject to a sewer charge. Sewer rates are currently $1.34 per cubic meter of water consumed.


Solid Waste Rates

A solid waste uniform charge of $150.00 per unit is applied for all single residential dwellings.  Multi-units dwellings of 4 or less are charged $150.00 per unit.