Sherman Knight, Transportation Supervisor
Jacques Michaud, Chargehand

The Town of New Glasgow Transportation Department maintains 80 kilometers of roadways and sidewalks, cleans and maintains 1500 catch basins, and provides full maintenance to a network of storm sewers throughout the Town of New Glasgow.

  • The Transportation Department operates a fleet of graders, loaders, tandem and single axle trucks, one-ton trucks, half-ton trucks, street sweepers, vacuum trucks for catch basins, and numerous other pieces of construction equipment.
  • In the summer months, our crews are busy cleaning our streets, building and maintaining our sidewalks, and maintaining our storm sewer system throughout the Town.
  • The Department maintains an Asphalt Maintenance System, which prioritizes the streets for resurfacing and the sidewalks that will be repaired.
  • Maintenance of the Samson and Pioneer Trails is also provided by the Transportation Department.
  • Our winter operations utilize a Salt Management Plan with state of the art equipment that allows us to record the location and amount of salt used by vehicles in our fleet. Through the use of skilled operators and modern equipment, we are able to provide a high level of service to our residents while reducing the amount of salt used on our streets.

Basement Flood Handbook (click here)

Sherman Knight
Transportation Supervisor

Sherman joined the Engineering & Public Works Department as Transportation Supervisor in December 2006; this responsibility includes ensuring our streets and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice and that our streets are patched and maintained.
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