The function of the Police Board is to provide governance on law enforcement, crime prevention, and policy direction for an effective and efficient police service, but, the Board does not have jurisdiction over the day to day operations of the police service, including investigations and personnel matters, except in relation to the Chief of Police. The Board serves as a link between citizens and the police service, helping to establish goals, objectives, and service delivery that meet the needs and values of the community. The meetings are open to the public, but all matters relating to discipline, personnel conduct, contract negotiations and security of police operations may be conducted in private.

 Members of the New Glasgow Board of Police Commission  - providing police governance for the Towns of New Glasgow and Trenton - are:

  • Nancy Dicks, (Mayor New Glasgow), Chair
  • Jim Shaw, (Citizen Appointee), Vice-Chair
  • Town of Trenton Elected Official (to be appointed)
  • Bill Rafuse, (Citizen Appointee)
  • Francis Long, (Citizen Appointee)
  • Town of New Glasgow Elected Official (to be appointed)
  • Jocelyn Dorrington, (Councillor New Glasgow)