Samson_Trail_2008One of the best ways to enjoy a day in New Glasgow is to take a stroll along our 6km trail system that spans the community, winding along the scenic riverfront. The Samson Trail, Pioneer Trail and Johnny Miles Memorial Trail have been built along old rail line beds that once ran through the town; indeed the Samson Trail is where Canada’s oldest locomotive the Samson ran. Today you can run, walk or bike along these trails, on both the East and West Sides of New Glasgow. With approximately 2,000 people using the trails daily in the peak season, the trail system has become a vital recreational and leisure asset for all to enjoy.

All trails are pet friendly and open year round with conveniently located washroom facilities and parking.


Coyotes are elusive and normally avoid humans. To prevent coyotes from becoming less fearful of people, do not place food sources such as garbage, compost, pet foods or other human waste outside.
If you encounter a coyote, slowly back away while remaining calm. Do not turn and run as this actually increases the likelihood that the animal may become aggressive. 9
If a coyote exhibits aggressive behavior, try to appear larger, make noise or throw sticks and rocks. Carry a walking stick when walking in wildlife habitat. Fight back if attacked.
When exercising your dog, always use a leash and try to walk in areas of high pedestrian traffic. Pets should be fed indoors, or if fed outdoors, food dishes should be promptly emptied and removed after pets have eaten. Pets running at large are illegal and at risk from coyotes.
To report a nuisance coyote, a listing of Department of Natural Resources offices is available at: or phone 1-800-565-2224.