The Stewart Street story is one that connects the wartime experience of New Glaswegians to the experience of every community in Canada. Stewart Street was a small residential area in the South end of New Glasgow during the thirties and forties. Despite this being one of the town’s smaller neighborhoods with only a few families, there were an extraordinary number of veterans who enlisted and served during WWII.  This site marks the spot where more than 40 men said goodbye to loved ones, not knowing when or if they would return. This is the story of fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, sweethearts, mothers, wives and sisters. It is the story of friends and comrades and the story of the ravages of war.

Among these Stewart Street veterans, six were killed in action, one was taken a prisoner of war and one received the Distinguished Service Medal. The selfless contributions of the Stewart Street families represent and epitomize the sacrifices made by so many on the battle lines and also here at the home-front.
This heritage site and panel are testament to our commitment to the principles of freedom and peace. When hearing and reading the Stewart Street story it is our hope that our youth will continue to recognize the role our veterans played in shaping our nation. We also trust it will be a place of remembrance, a place of honour and a place of respect.