Alternate Voting Bylaw

Board of Police Commissioners Bylaw

Boundaries Bylaw

Building Bylaw

Business District Bylaw

Bylaw Respecting Certain Exemptions from the Fire Protection Rate

Chief Administrative Officer Bylaw

Civic Addressing Bylaw

Committees, Boards and Commission Bylaw

Council Meetings Bylaw

Deed Transfer Tax Bylaw

Dog Bylaw

Feeding of Wild Animals Bylaw

Fire Prevention Bylaw

Heritage Bylaw

Interpretation Bylaw

Local Improvements Bylaw

Municipal Emergency Measures Bylaw

Municipal Parks & Public Spaces

Noise Bylaw

Off-Highway Vechicles Bylaw

Officers Bylaw

Outdoor Cafes and Eating Areas Bylaw

Parking Meter Bylaw

Pictou County Solid Waste Management Bylaw

Pollution Control Bylaw

Public Property Bylaw

Public Places Bylaw

Recreation Bylaw

Refuse Bylaw

REMO Bylaw

Sidewalk Snow & Ice Removal Bylaw

Smoking Bylaw

Swimming Pool Bylaw

Taxi Bylaw

Town Seal Bylaw

Town Solicitor Bylaw

Tree Committee Bylaw

Vending Bylaw

Wastewater Discharge Bylaw



Procurement Policy for Town of New Glasgow

Winter Parking Regulations 2018 - 19







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