The Town of New Glasgow's Community Economic Development Department is dedicated to encouraging economic growth in our community.  Our strategic and convenient location, educated and dedicated workforce, and safe and spirited community are among the many reasons people chose to live, work and raise a family in New Glasgow. Ongoing activities geared to assisting the existing business community while also encouraging new business development and growth help to ensure a strong and diversified economic base. As well the well maintained and growing infrastructure in the town are significant assets towards our economic growth.

The Town continually formulates and implements strategies that create an environment conducive to sustainable economic development. This allows our community to maintain a strong local economy, and will ensure continued support for the services and facilities needed to guarantee a high quality of life for residents, visitors and future residents.

Tourism and Economic Development go hand in hand. Tourism is an important source of income, tax revenue and job creation. The towns recent completion of Phase 1 of the Downtown Revitalization resulted in downtown structures undergo beautiful facade transformations. The result is a renewed storefront, increased traffic and business, and the satisfaction of being part of a community-wide effort to promote and strengthen downtown New Glasgow. The secondary benefit is the enormous appeal of downtown to our residents and out-of-town guests.