Mayor's Message
January 2017


mayor nancy dicks  Our hopes for our Council as we enter a new year are to engage our community with a positive & respectful approach that is welcoming, inclusive and forward thinking. We will be hosting public input sessions as we develop our new Community Economic Development Strategic Plan.  We are committed to working hard to make the right decisions that are beneficial to the community as a whole, while always keeping the needs and interests of citizens’ front and centre.

 We are continuing our commitment to increasing transparency, openness and accessibility. We want residents, businesses and community groups, to know they can approach us and that our citizens are welcome to attend the Council meetings. We encourage citizens to follow town projects and events on various social media platforms and the Town of New Glasgow web site to gain useful information.

 We are always here to listen and will work to continue and expand our communications and dialogue with taxpayers. The Town will be bringing back quarterly newsletters as well as developing other communication tools to enhance citizens’ understanding of the Town services and programs.  If there are concerns, we want to hear them and to know clearly what is most important to our residents as a whole. We are always here, whether members of Council, management or staff, to serve our citizens. We are entrusted with a great privilege of stewardship and responsibility.  We will continue to ask ourselves - Are there other things we can do or improve upon? Are there more or different programs, services or events people would like to see? We want an engaged community.

In a changing economic climate within our Province, we know we must be business friendly and investment ready while having lifestyle amenities that are appealing to employees so businesses can retain and recruit talent. We aspire to improve the local economic climate with a positive approach to change, respecting the foundation, strengths and assets that we have. Our Town and region are blessed to have many stable business anchors.
New Glasgow has a strategic location within the Maritimes with a beautiful natural setting as a riverside town. We are the third largest town in Nova Scotia with the highest population density outside of Halifax.  We have much to be proud of as a community and as a region. Our citizens are talented people, successful in many fields. We have committed volunteers, entrepreneurial leaders, and those pursuing opportunities in the creative and knowledge economies. There are also those facing challenges and we are aware of this and recognize increased employment opportunities would have a significant impact.
Our hopes for our Town include building upon New Glasgow's long standing role as a commercial service centre for northern Nova Scotia, focusing on business development and working more closely with the business community. We recognize the importance of having a thriving Downtown core that is a strong business district and Downtown has become a hub of community gatherings and celebrations - all of these things are central to the growth and vibrancy of a community; it is the heart of our community.

 Our goal is for all citizens to feel included and that events are inclusive and welcoming. This is an important part of our Town’s character to continue to celebrate all backgrounds, heritages and to honour diversity.
We are committed to having New Glasgow work effectively and collaboratively with neighbouring communities on the opportunities that will have efficiencies for all and benefits to our taxpayers.

 New Glasgow is excited to launch a new Young Leaders Action Committee and overall improved citizen engagement are key priorities that will help build success.
Council members and I heard feedback on the doorsteps during our election campaigns about what matters to citizens, so we will be reviewing those items as well as seeking more input from numerous Town Hall style meetings in many locations over the upcoming year. It is imperative that our Council continues to invest in our infrastructure.  Quality drinking water, good infrastructure and forward investment prepares communities for the future. We continue our commitment to ensuring strong essential services such as Police, Fire and Public Works as well as the vital work carried out by the Town Hall staff. It is important to dream big and fulfill a community vision by working together.

Nancy Dicks
Town of New Glasgow