Community Climate Action

2018 Community GHG InventoryCommunity GHG Emissions Inventory

The Town’s first community emissions inventory was completed in 2018. It represents the community as a whole, of which the corporate inventory is one part. It estimates that 128,641 tonnes of CO2e (or greenhouse gas emissions) were generated in 2018 through electricity use, natural gas, fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, and propane.

For a detailed breakdown of the Community Inventory, please download the  default New Glasgow Community Emissions Inventory, 2018 (15.85 MB) .

Community Climate Action Plan & GHG Reduction Target

In 2022, Town Council approved the Community Climate Action Plan 2022-2030. The plan outlines the steps and actions the Town of New Glasgow will take to achieve its community GHG reduction target of 50% below 2018 levels by 2030, demonstrating the Town’s commitment to ambitious climate action. It includes both long-term and short-term goals for achieving significant greenhouse gas emission reductions across five sectors: Buildings; Transportation; Waste; Policy, Planning, & Procedures; and Collaboration, Adaptation, & Resilience.

CCAP title page

Download the  default New Glasgow Community Climate Action Plan, 2022 (22.46 MB) .

The Community Climate Action Plan was informed through the Town’s Climate Action Engagement Survey, which took place in August and July 2021. New Glasgow partnered with Ethelo, an online group decision-making platform, to run a carbon emission simulation engagement. Ethelo used the results of the engagement to generate a particular set of actions that are predicted to have the most community support and lowest levels of conflict.

Download the  New Glasgow Climate Action Engagement Report, 2021.