Office of the CAO

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) leads the municipal administration and operations for the Town of New Glasgow, directs a team of department heads and staff, manages the affairs of New Glasgow, delivers public services and implements the policies of Town Council.

As the senior municipal administrator, the CAO is required to work within the legislated mandate of the municipality. The CAO works with elected officials and members of the community to define a vision and strategic plan for the future of the Town of New Glasgow.

The Chief Administrative Officer coordinates and oversees the administration and operations of the business affairs of the town in accordance with the by-laws, policies and plans established and approved by Council. Responsibilities also include overseeing the preparation of the annual operating and capital budgets and administering the budgets after they are adopted by Town Council.

The Chief Administrative Officer manages the overall efficient operation of the municipality’s administration. The CAO plans for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of municipal infrastructure, property or facilities, is responsible for reviewing drafts of by-laws and policies brought for Council and making appropriate recommendations to Council. The CAO may recommend one or more courses of action and Council makes its decision-based in large part on the advice of the CAO. Once adopted by Council, the CAO is responsible for the implementation and enforcement of those by-laws and policies.

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