Chief Ross White (1995)

Deputy Chief Ross WhiteChief Ross White joined the New Glasgow Fire Department in 1995 and rose through the ranks to Deputy Chief in 2009 and Chief in 2019. Chief White is a Level 2 Firefighter, an instructor in Vehicle Rescues and Haz-mat operations and a certified emergency vehicle technician. Chief White is married and has two beautiful children.

Deputy Chief Philip Kingsbury

Fire Chief Doug Dort 1971Philip Kingsbury joined the New Glasgow Fire Department in 1995. Over the years he worked his way through the ranks and in 2019 became Deputy Fire Chief. Deputy Chief Kingsbury is a Level 2 Firefighter and has completed a long list of courses to best manage and assist in further developing the department.

New Glasgow Fire Department Members Listing

Rank Name Year Joined
Chief Ross White 1995
Deputy Chief Phillip Kingsbury 1995
Captain Wayne Wadden 1978
Captain Trevor MacDonald 1999
Captain Pat MacLean 2006
Lieutenant Ryan Murphy 2001
Firefighter Ross Bland 1989
Lieutenant Arthur Tate 2006
Safety Officer Phillip McCarron 1978
Safety Officer Arthur MacLean 1999
Firefighter John Desmond 1988
Firefighter Dave White 1985
Firefighter Hillard MacDonald 1980
Safety Officer Herb Avery 2010
Lieutenant Doug Dort 1970
Firefighter Nick Hayes 2019
Firefighter Blair Long 2005
Firefighter Walter MacDonald 2004
Firefighter Travis MacLeod 2018
Firefighter Brock Marshall 2014
Firefighter Danielle Pitts 2004
Firefighter Seth Rozee 2017
Firefighter Brian Semple 2004
Firefighter Samantha Watters 2002
Firefighter John LeBlanc 2016
Firefighter Trevor Arsenault 2020
Firefighter Ben Bowden 2020
Firefighter James McDowell 2020
Firefighter Ryan Paris 2020
Firefighter Nick Zuberovic 2020
Operator/Firefighter Allan Doyle 1996
Operator/Firefighter John Campbell 1999
Operator/Firefighter Wade Baxter 2001
Operator/Firefighter Rob Snell 2005
Operator/Firefighter Peter Fraser 2008
Operator/Firefighter David Niven 2009
Operator/Firefighter Mark MacPherson 2013
Operator/Firefighter Trever MacDonald 2016
Operator/Firefighter Megan Kenny 2018
Operator/Firefighter Bill Chase 2020
Operator/Firefighter Cory Niven 2020
Operator/Firefighter James Kenny 2021
Operator/Firefighter Bill Chase 2020
Operator/Firefighter Don Grant 2009