Our REMO In Action

Pictou Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO) was the first REMO established in Nova Scotia. Since its creation numerous training sessions have taken place especially with ICS (Incident Command System) training, plus countless planning sessions.

The planning and training sessions benefited the region greatly planning during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Once the state of emergency was declared we set up an Incident Management Team made up of two Incident Commanders. two Planning Officers (who developed plans as required), two Logistics Officers (who sorted and distributed PPE to emergency responders), one Safety Officer (who developed safety procedures for those delivering PPE to responders), two Liaison Officers (who communicated with outside agencies) and three Public Information Officers (who clarified public health information for the public). It was an outstanding venture; the cooperation and commitment generated by the group was very impressive.

Hazmat incident involving propane truck REMO

A hazmat situation involving a propane truck.

tanker supplied by TIR to town of Pictou during the low water pressure period REMO

A tanker provided to the Town of Pictou by TIR during a low water pressure event.

During low water pressure TownPictou water tank positioned in area experiencing low water pressure REMO

During a low water pressure event in the Town of Pictou, the REMO placed a water tank for local residents.